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REGEX to strip XML/RTF tags from WSS webservice

Found an improvement to this to cope with null data.


=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(IIF(IsNothing(First(Fields!<FIELD NAME>.Value, <DATASET NAME>)), “”, First(Fields!<FIELD NAME>.Value, <DATASET NAME>)), “<[^>]+>”,””)

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Migration InfoPath 2010 Browser form from Dev to QA. Production or Live Systems

Thought I’d share these steps with you as I have just had to do them. As with all MS stuff there is a few way floating around the web on the best approach to this. The method I have chosen best replicates the process established for InfoPath 2007. A bit long winded but it doesn’t take that long to do.

  1. Right click on your InfoPath XSN form and select design (the normal way you open your forms when making changes)
  2. Go to File->Publish and select “Export Source Files”
    1. Create a folder to contain the exported files and select OK. The files will now be exported
    2. Close InfoPath and DO NOT SAVE
    3. Go to the folder with the exported files.
    4. Open the Manifest.xsf in your favourite editor (Visual Studio)
      1. Use find and Replace to replace server references to reflect the new system. Don’t forget any database references
      2. Save and close the files once finished
      3. Right-click on the Manifest.xsf and select design. This will open as normal.
      4. Go to File->Publish and Select “Publish form to SharePoint Library”
        1. Follow wizard as normal changing the publish XSN location if needed
        2. Close the form
        3. Upload new template to server.
        4. At this point I would delete the folder containing the exported files so that there is only 1 copy of the form template.
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